Let’s try to save the tooth without drilling

If you are border-line diabetes patient, doctor won’t prescribe metformin to control glucose level. What they will ask you to do is control your diet and exercise first before start taking pills.

In the dental field, now we have similar approach.

We try medical intervention before surgical intervention.

If the cavity is small, we don’t drill the tooth right away. We try to save the tooth without drilling.

Silver Diamine Fluoride is a mile stone treatment in dentistry especially in pediatric dental office. If the decay is small, we can arrest the cavity or reverse the cavity up to certain level.

Silver kills bacteria. Diamine(amine group) makes the less acidic environment. Fluoride binds to our teeth in order to make it stronger.

According to the study by UCSF published in NIH, if you apply this medicine every 6 months for 2 years, you get maximum benefits.

Below is the link to UCSF SDF protocol


Youngmo Kang,DDS

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