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Kids Dentistry

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Struggling to find a dentist that provides a friendly, caring, and compassionate environment for your children? Dr. Youngmo Kang and the staff at Concierge Dental Design in the Financial District, New York, offer kids dentistry in a welcoming environment. Call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Kang today.

Kids Dentistry

What is kids dentistry?

Kids dentistry, also known as pediatric dentistry, focuses on children and their oral health from infancy through their teen years. Dr. Kang is specially qualified to care for your child’s teeth, gums, and mouth through each of the stages of childhood. Childhood dentistry strives to provide the necessary care your child needs to avoid a lifetime of possible oral decay and disease.

Aside from the expert level of medical care that Dr. Kang provides when working with children, he is able to examine and treat children in ways that make them comfortable and unafraid. He also uses specially designed equipment to suit your child’s needs.

What types of services and treatments does kids dentistry provide?

Kids dentistry aims to provide your children with comprehensive oral care for nearly all of their needs. Some of the services and treatments include:

  • Cavity repairs: Dr. Kang uses SDF (Advantage Arrest) for cavities, rather than drilling
  • Management of disease: Gum disease, ulcers, mucoceles, short frenulum, and pediatric periodontal disease can all infect children. This can also include oral conditions associated with diabetes, congenital heart defect, hay fever, asthma, and more.
  • Care for dental injuries: This includes injuries such as fractured, displaced, or knocked-out teeth
  • Infant oral health exams: Such as risk assessment
  • Preventive dental care: Such as how to properly clean teeth and make healthy nutritional choices
  • Habit counseling: For example, eliminating the use of a pacifier or thumb-sucking
  • Early bite assessment: Correcting an improper bite and straightening teeth for adulthood

What are the benefits of kids dentistry?

Ensuring that your child regularly visits a qualified dentist is important to his or her overall oral hygiene. Kids dentists help to evaluate, diagnose, treat, and prevent oral diseases, as well as maintain the appearance and function of your child’s teeth and mouth. Laying a foundation of good oral hygiene at an early age can help ensure healthy gums and teeth for years to come.

Dr. Kang believes that creating a long-term relationship between patient and dentist makes it easier for children to cope with their annual checkups. Having a positive association with dental checkups can lead to a happier and less stressful experience for everyone.

If you’re looking for a qualified, caring, and compassionate dentist to provide the best oral care for your child, call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Kang at Concierge Dental Design.